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A friend introduced me to Peteca in 1994 in California. I was playing in a World Footbag Championships and Brent Stewart, who was also playing in that tournament, had what we were calling a « Volleybird »  at the time, now we know that it was a Peteca trademark. I really enjoyed my experience but didn’t follow through on it right away

In 2007, I decided to research more about the Peteca sport and the following year I started to sell a few shuttlecocks models. The two first ones were the « Rio Beach » and the « Competition » which were followed by the « Rio Modified » this year (2017).

This tournament was played in IATE Club, Brasilia

In April of 2009 I travelled to the Peteca’s craddle: Brazil. From Montreal to Belo Horizonte it took me more than 20 hours and my host, who was waiting for me at the airport, was speaking exclusively portuguese. I had studied the language a little bit before departing so the little that I knew mixed with a little spanish permitted me to hold on for the 35 minutes that we had to ride between the airport and the city. Once I arrived at the Smiling Gator hostel I secured my luggage and visited the town a bit.

I was in Belo Horizonte to witness and film one round of the liga de Peteca which is a national tournament circuit. The top eight male and female players of the country were participating it this tournament. I also wanted to play competitively as I’d only played in circle, passing the Peteca without a net.

I went from one surprise to another during my stay over there. First of all I had no idea of the caliber of play showed by the players at that Peteca competition. It was much better than I expected. The men and women were giving an extraodinary show prooving their great ability with grit and intensity like true professionals. I filmed a lot of sequences of this tourney, you can see one of the resulting clips just on top of this text.

My initiation to the sport was successfull as well. I learned that Peteca has been very popular in Brasil in the 70’s and 80’s. It resulted in a lot of synthetic courts built specifically for this sport. I had the chance to play at the Belo Horizonte Tennis club which had at least 10 of these courts. Players from 18 to, believe it or not, 80 years old were playing. The older man was moving slowly but still had a sure touch on the volley.

I was able to do pretty well considering that I already practice a court sport (Kick Volley) and that I already played a little circle Peteca. I really enjoyed my experience. At the beginning of the day I was placed on the weakest court with the elders but at the end I had the chance to play on court 1 and to play a real match. I soon realized that it was a very athletic sport and really fun to play. I recommend it to everyone looking for new sensations. Visit our shop now and start your Peteca adventure.

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